Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Playlist 2014

YYAYYYY it is finally approaching Christmas so I thought I'd put together a little playlist of some of my favourite songs that are appropriate for this season. Some are very old, some very new but all sound amazing! I've left a link to each song so you can easily listen to them!

1. Do they know it's Christmas - (Band Aid 30) Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande,One Direction, Olly Murs, Chris Martin, Bono, Sam Smith, Adele, Ellie Goulding and more which I don't know...

2. Santa Tell me- Ariana Grande

3. All I want for Christmas- Mariah Carey

4. Do they know it's Christmas- (Band Aid Original, 1984)

5. 8 Days of Christmas- Destiny's Child

7. Last Christmas- Wham!

10. Oh my Lord- Boney M

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Guide to the Perfect Bath

I have to admit, I have been very lazy with my blogging lately: however, I am going to step up my game a little bit more. If you have any ideas of what I could post please leave them as I am struggling! This post is my 'Bath Routine', which is where I tell you what products I use in the bath and why.

So firstly, I add a bath bomb as that bring the 'fun' to the bath. Typical me, I didn't take a picture of it but I used the Lush 'Honey Bee' Bath Bomb. It smells of honey and aloe vera which are both really good to your skin, // Lush // £3.25

I been using this brand for ages now, My personal reccomendation is the 'Strawberry Souffle' Flavour. It is a lovely sweet smell. This is a Shampoo/Bubble Bath/ Shower gel. I use it as a bubble bath and shower gel. I just add a little bit of this into my bath to give a nice scent and give lots of bubbles. // Home Bargains // 89p

Bath Salts are something that I find vital as they honestly just make it so relaxing. They exfoliate the skin whilst cleansing. The only thing I struggle with is the fact that I never know how much to add: So I just had a small scoop. // Body Shop // £12
I got these as a present, To be 100% honest I don't find that they do anything to my skin but I still use them because I don't want to put them to waste! // Mandara Spa // -Not for Sale anymore. Can find on eBay or Amazon
Words can't explain how good this is. It smells exactly of mango and it really helps exfoliate them horrible dry patches on your knees, elbows and feet. I find this leaves your skin slightly oily but once dry your skin feels smooth and silky // Boots // £8
I double use this as a rinse-off moisturiser and a shaving cream. I apply this all over my legs, allow it to soak for a minute or so, then I shave! Again, this does leave your skin feeling very oily but after you have dried of your skin is ultra soft! // Lush // 16.50

This Face wash works miracles, as well as the bargain price, it also gives your skin a natural glow: perfect for winter when your skin in very dry and dull, // Tesco // £3

And that is it!! I hope you enjoyed this post, talk to you soon ☺♥

Friday, 24 October 2014

After Wash: Autumn/Winter Skincare Routine

The dreary whether is kicking in and I'm sure you skin feels just as tired as you are.
I'm sure this skin care routine which I follow by, will leave your skin feeling fresh and healthier.

Firstly, I remove my make up (If I'm wearing anyway). This eye make up remover is very gentle on my skin and dosent irritate it. // Wilkos // £1

Next, this 3 in 1 Cleansing water is essential. It cleanses, tones and removes make up so will leave your skin looking more glowy and less dull. Also this will close your pores avoiding access makeup or oils to soak in to your skin. // Wilkos // £4

You always need to moisturise your face, especially in these cold conditions. Moisturisers hydrate your dry skin. I find this one tends to feel a little stingy around the eyes as it has a minty feel but it really helps hydrate and care for blemishes and redness. // Poundland // £1

This is just an extra step: for some people it isn't necessary but I adore this for these cold conditions, It leaves the same resuts as a face mask: Smoother skin and less redness. //Bodyshop // £3

This eye gel only claims to reduce puffiness and stop irriatation around the eye area, but to my surprise it has showed that it also reduces dark circles which of course I suffer from. Been loving this, it is also really refreshing. I tend to use this once every night but you can use it as often as you want. // Boots // £1.25

I'm so sorry about the poor quality. The sun has gone in the UK so I have no lighting for my pictures so I attempt to brighten them on an app :(

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Autumn LookBook Collaboration 2014

I was asked to take part in a collaboration with Paige from the Joys of Being Paige. We have put together 2 separate videos: 1 of them on her channel containing half of our Autumn LookBook. We put a lot of thought and effort in to this so we hope you enjoy it!...


You can find the other half of our LookBook HERE

I think I am going to do LookBooks every season, I've enjoyed creating this and I hope you enjoy watching!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

September Favourites ✏️

Went back to school earlier this month :( Can't believe how quickly we are approaching christmas.. 
Here are a few things I've been using this month which have made me feel more relaxed and are nice for when back at school.

Glamour Magazine- I absolutely love these, bargain price and is 350 pages long (thick) it contains a lot of samples and vouchers and includes a lot of beauty deals and tips. It's really fun to read and I learn alot! // WHSmith or any Magazine Retailer // £1

Ritter Sport Whole Almonds Chocolate - My next door neighbour brought me this back of their holiday and oh my... so delicous. That's all I can say really. Not sure where you can get it from but I googled it // Waitrose // £1

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Foaming Cleanser - My Grandma kindly gave me a collection of her old Estee Lauder Skin Care and Make Up as she was having a clear out, I came across this 'Foaming Cleanser'. It works wonders on my skin: Exfoliates, so it removes dead skin cells and it reduces the appearance of dis-colouration/Tired-looking skin. A little goes a long way // Estee Lauder // £22

No7 BB Lips 'Blink Pink' - I went to a dog fundraiser the other week with my 2 friends and my sister. Their was this really appealing stall: where you pay £1 and you pick 5 cards, If the Cards have either, Jack, Queen, King or Ace, you can pick ANYTHING off the stall. (Had a huge collection: Body Shop, No7, Treacle Moon. etc.) I honestly couldn't stop spending.. at least it goes towards a good cause! I won and I picked a No7 Present Box box as a prize which contained this BB Lips, Nail Varnish, Eyeshadow and Mascara.This BB Lips is really moisturising and it doesn't look glossy so is perfectly natural for school // Boots // £9 

Favourite Song has to be 'Blame' by Calvin Harris, Love the beat and it's really catchy.

That's my September Favourites!! How has school been for you!? X

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Weekend or Occasional Make Up Tutorial

I hardly wear makeup, If ever, it's only for fun. However, I like to wear make up (rarely) in the weekend or if I a going out or I am attending an event.

First I prime my face with the Benefit Porefessional to insure my makeup lasts all day. I NEVER wear foundation and I rarely wear BB cream, the Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream is very light weight but gives a little coverage which is what I like.

Next I apply 5 dots under each eye with my 2 True 3in1 Concealer in Fair to cover up any dark circles. Next, I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer Stick in 010 Ivory on any spots (anywhere else on my face that needs concealing) 

To set my makeup and make assure it lasts all day I have be using the Collection Last Perfection 16 Hour Powder and just to warm up my face a little and stop me from looking so ghostly I use the      17 Instant Glow, on my temples and cheeks bones.
I next use the Revolution Matte Palette and apply the lightest shade all over my lid then blend in the warm brown into my crease to add depth. Then I occasionally draw on a small wing with my            17 Eyeliner in soft jet.

Obviously, I must curl my lashes. Been loving the Miss Sporty Pump up Lash mascara on top lashes (3 coats) as it's extremely volumising then the No7 Extreme Length Extend Mascara on my bottom Lashes (1 coat)

I moisturise my lips using the BabyLips in Intense Care and apply the Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Tint Gloss in Forever Fuchsia (pat in with my ring finger as it makes the colour appear a lot more natural)

Sorry for the lack of posts, haven't had the motivation to blog since starting back at school. I am trying to post as much as possible but I can't promise it will be every other day (Like usual) so probably around 1-2 times a week!?  LYL like Jelly Tots ♪

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Khloe Kardashian Inspired Make Up and Hair

Khloe Kardashian has never had one picture taken without looking flawless. I've attempted to re-create her most common look which I thought I'd share with you...

Firstly I applied my REN Moisturiser all over my face to give a dewy but not an oily look, then primed my face with the Benefit Porefessional.


Foundation-  Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation / Ivory
Concealer-  Rimmel Stay Matte / 010 Ivory
Powder-  Collection Lasting Perfection 16 Hour Wear / 2 Medium
Bronzer- 17 Instant Glow (Used to contour and temples)
Blush/Highlighter- MUA Mosaic Blush/ English Rose Shade 3 (Used on Cupids Bow, Bridge of nose and on cheek bones to highlight and give a glow)


( From left to right goes 1 to 12) as each shade hasn't been given a name or number.

Place some sellotape from Outer Eye Corner leading up to the brow bone, to give the eyeshadow an accurate line.
1 (Cream Colour) All over eye lid
2 (Yellow Toned) On Inner Half of Lid
5 (Suttle Ash Brown) In Crease and Outer-V
6 (Pecan Brown) In Outer-V
7 (Soft Latte shade??) To blend the Outer-V Shades towards the centre
8 (Darkest Brown in Palette) In outer and centre crease
10 (Black) In Outer Crease and slowly build up to give depth
1 (Cream Colour) and pat on centre lid and inner-Tear Duct to brighten up with eye.
And Use Shade 1 to Highlight Brown Bone and Above Crease.

Remove the tape and blend the eyeshadow line slightly so it doesn't look as harsh.

Using a small Detailer Brush, Smudge the Darkest brown on outer Lower Lash line to give the smokey effect.

Use a Volumising Mascara, I used the Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash Mascara. Apply several coats on the top and bottom lashes

Using an eyeliner of your choice, I used the BC Liquid Eyeliner.
Draw on a strong sharp, cat eye.


Using a Matte Shade, like the Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Divine (Matte Shade) which is an Innocent Nude Pink. Apply it to your lips!!


I've kept my hair natural and just applied some of my L'oreal Paris Matt&Messy Sea Salt Spray to make it look more effortless but still sleek..

And you're then done!
Thanks for reading, please give this post a 'heart' as I put a lot of effort into this.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review on REN Products! ♥

I have kindly been sent some samples from Stephanie from the Company REN to try out and review.
I am very impressed with all 3 of these products, they've all worked miracles!!...

(From Left to Right) Detox Mask, Radiance Renewal Mask, T-Zone Balancing Gel Cream.

Detox Mask// Full Size: £18

This is a mask made to reduce your pores and guess what?.. It does
After 1 usage I instantly saw that my skin was as smooth as a babys butt (That's a good thing) and it appeared a lot healthier. The consistency is nice and creamy and easy to apply. This product would be highly recommended for dry/combination skin as it really nourishes and hydrates. Also, my pores were gone!, and now applying make up is so much easier as my skin is more smooth.
Radiance Renewal Mask// Full Size: £30

I must admit, this is quite a pricey mask. However, this made my skin glow and look not as dull but more bright. This is quite a gel-y (Gell..yy?? Gelly?) Product so not suitable for oily skin. But for my skin this worked fine! I haven't seen the hugest difference to be 100% honest, despite the appearance. But, If I ever did get recieved this product again I would definitely use it but I don't think it's worth the £30 for someone on a budget but I would definetley suggest it!
T-Zone Gel Cream// Full Size: £15

This has to be one of my favourite skin products of all time. I've managed to get 3 weeks (Used every night) out of this tiny sample which is 5ml. My skin discolouration has nearly gone with only 3% left which is outstanding. My skin is so much smoother and naturally very healthy. I've even stopped wearing my BB Cream now as I feel so much more confident with my natural skin. 
 I will definetley be purchasing this product again as it is AMAZING and totally worth the £15, If not then I will definitely be asking for this for Christmas.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my 3 products. All are amazing especially the Gel-Cream. The fact that it is in a tube means that some product will always be left over so all I do is cut the tube in half and scrape out of what's ;left ans you'll be surprised of how much usage you can get out of that remainder!
Thank you REN for these products, you have gained yourself another fan ♥

I have been sent these samples from REN, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Oated Up Smoothie

I will probably start doing more smoothie recipes, as I am a typical smoothie girl.
This is a perfect drink for the morning as it contains many ingredients that you would expect to have as a individual breakfast. To know how to make this delicious, healthy, easy smoothie then read on...

What you will need:

- 1 Handful of Frozen/Fresh Berries
- 2 Table Spoons of Oats AKA Porridge Oats
- A fair amount of Orange Juice
- A drop of milk
- Half a Banana

And of course, A blender. Mine, you can get HERE (Definitely Recommend)

Just blend that all together, I just had to drink it out of my cute little Mason Jar Mug.

Just a quick note, I haven't been posting as much because of school :( I have more and longer homework as well as after school clubs so I can never find the time to post unless in the weekend. I will expect to post around 1-2 times a week due to this. Sorry, but as soon as the next half term comes by, my Schedule will be back to normal!

This post is not sponsored. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Delectable Slice of Courgette Cake

I know, Courgette Cake: You're probably like ewww Courgette.. in a cake?
However, this is surprisingly very nice. You can't taste the courgette what so ever so in other words it is like a healthier, easy and more interesting alternative to a plain sponge.


  • Butter for the Tin
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • 125ml Vegetable Oil
  • 85g Soft Brown Sugar
  • 350g Peeled Courgettes, grated
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 300g Plain Flour
  • ½ tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
  • ½ tsp Baking Powder
  • ¼ tsp Nutmeg
  • 85g Walnuts, roughly chopped
  • 140g Sultanas (or raisins)

1. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Butter and line a  loaf tin with baking parchment. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs, oil and sugar, then add the courgettes and vanilla extract.

2. In another bowl, combine the remaining ingredients with a pinch of salt.

3. Stir the dry ingredients into the wet mixture, then pour into the tin. Bake for 1 hr, or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. Leave to cool, then serve.

You can serve this dry or you can spread some butter on your slice ( I preferably like mine alone)

And vwala, there is your very own Courgette Cake, overall this took me about 15 mins prep time and 1 hour to cook so its perfect for a last minute treat.

If you re-create this, remember to leave a comment below and give me a link to find the picture/post but please give credit for the recipe! 

♥ Lucy ☻

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Review on LUSH 'Grease Lightning'

I'm just that typical, lazy girl who covers up her imperfections with concealer when really I should be treating them, so a couple of weeks back I made a purchase in LUSH (Typical Me) on the 'Grease Lightning' Spot Treatment. I dont break out alot so skin care isn't too important for me, only the basics. But in the summer I tend to get a couple of spots here and there. This retailed for £6.25.

 This is what it claims to do, on the back it reads: 'Apply with clean fingers onto the offending blemish as often as you like' Which in my opinions isn't enough, as I want to know how often but at my random choice, I apply it once every night and morning.

If I use the pump to get the formula out then too much squirts out, so I just take the pump out and wipe a little off the stick.
The formula is clear so it's appropriate for 'on the go', it's not greasy which is relieving but once applied it feels a little like a face mask so it feels tight on your face: wanting you to itch it off.
After about a week, I started to notice a big difference in my skin, proving that this treatment actually works!

- Not greasy
- Clear formula
- Travel size
- 3 days of usage and all my spots have disappeared
- A lot of money when only getting 45g worth of product
- Pump squeezes to much out, therefore, wasting product

Generally, I absolutely love this product, I hated it at first but then my skin started adjusting so the product then started working. However, I wouldn't re-purchase this again as the price you pay is to over the top, when I know I can get more affordable products which are similar. I would definetley recommend this though, especially if you're really determined on getting rid of those big, irritating spots/zits.

Is there any Spot Treatments you recommend for me?

This post is not sponsored- All opinions are honest and my own

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

August Favourites

I can't believe it's September already, Schools open and the weather is gradually getting duller.. but we are on our way to Christmas at least (Sorry, not meant to mention that word until December)
Here are my things of this month that I have been using non-stop!

Options White Hot Chocolate - In my opinion, it tastes nothing like hot chocolate, but more like creme brulee? But it's so tasty! (Some might find it weird) // Home Bargains // £1

Loreal Paris Hot&Smooth Straight Cream - I spread this throughout my hair before straightening as it calms it down so it's a lot easier and it also contains a heat protectant - Definitely recommend // Boots // £3.75

Miranda Box Set - I have been watching this so much throughout the holidays. I am going to see Miranda in October so can't wait for that! If you love Sitcoms then Miranda is for you // Amazon // £24.97

Eau Roma Water - I have seen a huge difference in my skin since I've been using this. I spray this about 3 times across my face, leaving it feeling fresh, healthy and clean. My discolouration is gradually fading now // Lush // £3.95

One of my re-played songs has been 'Razzle Dazzle' by Shirley Bassey, in memory of my loving Gramps, he loved Shirley Bassey, I understand why: Her voice is gorgeous ♥

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Rimmel London BB Cream: is it 9-in-1?

Several people have either emailed me or left me a comment asking for me to do a review on the Rimmel London BB Cream which was in my 'What's in my Travel Bag'

I got mine in Light, and from Superdrug where it usually is £6.99 but it is repeatedly on offer for £5.

Primes - Yes
Moisturises - Yes
Minimises Pores - No
Conceals - 50/50
Covers - Yes
Smoothes - Yes
Mattifies - No
Brightens - No
Helps Protect - From what exactly?.. the sun?

The texture is very creamy but surprisingly is very awkward to blend in. I apply this with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to give a higher coverage but still, I am not impressed. This BB Cream claims to Conceal and Cover when in my opinion it doesn't unless you apply several layers.

- When applied, skin feels smooth
- Creamy so it is moisturizing
-Reasonably priced
- Contains SPF 25

- Even the lightest shade is too dark for my skin and I am fair
- Hard to blend in
- In some areas it goes all patchy, looking dry

I would never repurchase this, I have read so many reviews on this and every single one either says the lightest shade is too dark or it goes patchy.
If you have a darker skin tone/tan then this product would be more appropriate but the patchiness has put me off. I would consider re-purchasing this if they released some lighter shades but for now, no. I am a big fan of Rimmel and this Product has really let me down so I am on the search for a new BB Cream!

What BB Cream do you recommend?
My Photo Contest is still on, so if you're up for entering please click HERE I would really appreciate some more entries as I don't have enough! Xxx

This post is not sponsored- All opinions are honest and my own

Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Morning Breakfast

You don't have to eat horrible food, to be classed as healthy. Surprisingly, alot of healthy foods are actually really delicious just like my Summer Morning Breakfast:

♥ Natural, Fat Free Greek Yoghurt - Good source of calcium making it an effective bone strengthener
♥ Strawberries - Excellent source for Vitamin C which is a powerful natural antioxidant and helps the body prevent and repair damage
♥ Peach - Has fewer than 70 calories and is a good source of vitamin A and C
♥ Granola - Good Origin of fiber which helps get rid of waste and contains many Vitamins
♥ Natural Honey - Helpful to your skin. It has the ability to attract water.

In the morning, I always love to wash down my food with a fresh glass of Orange Juice as it gives you a good dose of Vitamin C which helps the body absorb iron which leaves you feeling less tired.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I am definitely thinking about doing more Food related posts..

What's your favourite fruit?

Sorry on lack of posts, I am on holiday and limited to access of wifi but will be home soon! Xx

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Holiday at Cornwall

Going on holiday is a lovely time of the year as it just allows you to relax and not stress about normal stuff on a day-to-day basis.
Our family visited Cornwall for a week and we stayed in a Caravan. I absolutely loved the site as the main hall was located in a Castle which was beautiful and there were also many things for children to do on the site.

View overlooking Looe Harbour

At the Monkey Sanitary 

The Old Manor Hall

Proud of the Picture so I had to Watermark ♥
And that basically sums up my second holiday this Summer!

Thank you for all of your lovely comments, for some odd reason if you comment via google+ then I can't reply unless by email. So sorry about that but I will respond just instead I will comment on your posts... If that makes sense? 

Lucy ♥

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