Saturday, 6 September 2014

Review on LUSH 'Grease Lightning'

I'm just that typical, lazy girl who covers up her imperfections with concealer when really I should be treating them, so a couple of weeks back I made a purchase in LUSH (Typical Me) on the 'Grease Lightning' Spot Treatment. I dont break out alot so skin care isn't too important for me, only the basics. But in the summer I tend to get a couple of spots here and there. This retailed for £6.25.

 This is what it claims to do, on the back it reads: 'Apply with clean fingers onto the offending blemish as often as you like' Which in my opinions isn't enough, as I want to know how often but at my random choice, I apply it once every night and morning.

If I use the pump to get the formula out then too much squirts out, so I just take the pump out and wipe a little off the stick.
The formula is clear so it's appropriate for 'on the go', it's not greasy which is relieving but once applied it feels a little like a face mask so it feels tight on your face: wanting you to itch it off.
After about a week, I started to notice a big difference in my skin, proving that this treatment actually works!

- Not greasy
- Clear formula
- Travel size
- 3 days of usage and all my spots have disappeared
- A lot of money when only getting 45g worth of product
- Pump squeezes to much out, therefore, wasting product

Generally, I absolutely love this product, I hated it at first but then my skin started adjusting so the product then started working. However, I wouldn't re-purchase this again as the price you pay is to over the top, when I know I can get more affordable products which are similar. I would definetley recommend this though, especially if you're really determined on getting rid of those big, irritating spots/zits.

Is there any Spot Treatments you recommend for me?

This post is not sponsored- All opinions are honest and my own

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