How did the blog start?
Well, actually I discovered it by my friend, she shared on google+ her blog, and I checked it out, and I instantly wanted to create my own, and also I could read what my other friends are doing as well as me sharing my interests and lifestyle with the world.

Name: Lucy
D.O.B: 13th January
Where from: England (UK)
Gender: Female

General Facts
♥ I am currently Grade 3 in Tap Dance♥
♥ When I'm older I'd love to be a Photographer♥
♥ My First Best Friend was Paige and she still is ♥
♥Favourite Artist is Ariana Grande ♥
♥Favourite shop(s) are Primark and H&M♥
♥Favourite Food is Cookie Dough bites♥
♥I have adopted 2 Romanian Strays called: Mookie and Beau, and they are the most loving and homeliest dogs I've known♥
♥Favourite Movie is The Fault in our Stars♥
♥My Idol(s) are Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak (dancers)♥
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