Who are you?
I'm Lucy and I am a blogger.

What do you blog about?
I tend to speak my mind, I enjoy to do reviews or I might just do a quick Diary entry of what I've been up to that day! If you have/want me to do any ideas please don't hesitate but to comment on one of my posts or Direct Message me on Instagram (See info on my 'Find Me' Page.

How often do you blog?
I'll try my hardest to blog daily, but sometimes I am very busy with school so at least 2-4 a week I will post.

Who's this blog for?
Just for anyone who wants to see my life in words and pictures!

What camera do you use to capture your pictures?
I use either my iPad mini or my Samsung Galaxy S2 as the focus on both are really good!

Why should I follow you?
I would appreciate people to follow. Recieveing more followers/viewers would really improve my blogging skills! I put a lot of effort into my posts ; It may not seem it, but trust me, I do. I've got a long list of up-coming posts!

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