Monday, 4 August 2014

First Impressions on Revolution 'Matte' Palette

I have always been a huge fan of MUA as they are affordable but reach my high standards, ever since 'Revolution' has moved to my local Superdrug I have been purchasing their products a lot more than MUA as they are a little cheaper but a lot better, quality wise.

I just couldn't resist but to pick up the 'Redemption Palette Essential Mattes' as I've been looking for a complete matte palette for ages... It only cost me £4!!

The packaging is original and modern. It is very light weight meaning that it is appropriate for travelling. It comes with a double-sided cotton bud eye brush (My name for it) but I personally find them harsh on my eyes so I use my own brushes.

- Only costs £4
- Mixture of natural colours 
- Good Pigmentation
- Light weight
- Can use to achieve a variety of looks

- Packaging is made of plastic, So if dropped then eye shadow could possibly smash
- The light/white shades take more effort to get onto your brush
- The Palette should contain a silver for a smokey eye

Overall, I would recommend this Palette especially to beginners in make up who are looking for natural coloured products. 
For only £4, I would definetley re-purchase this in the future and perhaps a few of there other Palettes as well as some of there other make up products

Is there anything you recommend from Revolution? ♥

This post is not sponsored- All opinions are honest and my own

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