Monday, 4 August 2014

How to: Leave your name through a Comment Linking to your Blog

Are you curious on how to do this?:

 Sorry for poor quality

Well today is your lucky day, as I'm going to show you how to Leave your name through a comment and when clicked on, it links back to your blog! This tutorial is SO simple and is an easy way of advertising your blog!

This is the Link:

<a href="">Lucys Life Through a Lense </a>

The text highlight RED needs to be your URL

The text highlighted BLUE needs to be the name you're commenting (etc. Mine is 'Lucys Life Through a Lense'

Finally, The places where there is a is a space, which you mustn't forget to put in when writing this code!

Now just type that code into the comments and it will appear as your name linking to your blog!

Try in the comments section below! ☺

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