Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review on REN Products! ♥

I have kindly been sent some samples from Stephanie from the Company REN to try out and review.
I am very impressed with all 3 of these products, they've all worked miracles!!...

(From Left to Right) Detox Mask, Radiance Renewal Mask, T-Zone Balancing Gel Cream.

Detox Mask// Full Size: £18

This is a mask made to reduce your pores and guess what?.. It does
After 1 usage I instantly saw that my skin was as smooth as a babys butt (That's a good thing) and it appeared a lot healthier. The consistency is nice and creamy and easy to apply. This product would be highly recommended for dry/combination skin as it really nourishes and hydrates. Also, my pores were gone!, and now applying make up is so much easier as my skin is more smooth.
Radiance Renewal Mask// Full Size: £30

I must admit, this is quite a pricey mask. However, this made my skin glow and look not as dull but more bright. This is quite a gel-y (Gell..yy?? Gelly?) Product so not suitable for oily skin. But for my skin this worked fine! I haven't seen the hugest difference to be 100% honest, despite the appearance. But, If I ever did get recieved this product again I would definitely use it but I don't think it's worth the £30 for someone on a budget but I would definetley suggest it!
T-Zone Gel Cream// Full Size: £15

This has to be one of my favourite skin products of all time. I've managed to get 3 weeks (Used every night) out of this tiny sample which is 5ml. My skin discolouration has nearly gone with only 3% left which is outstanding. My skin is so much smoother and naturally very healthy. I've even stopped wearing my BB Cream now as I feel so much more confident with my natural skin. 
 I will definetley be purchasing this product again as it is AMAZING and totally worth the £15, If not then I will definitely be asking for this for Christmas.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my 3 products. All are amazing especially the Gel-Cream. The fact that it is in a tube means that some product will always be left over so all I do is cut the tube in half and scrape out of what's ;left ans you'll be surprised of how much usage you can get out of that remainder!
Thank you REN for these products, you have gained yourself another fan ♥

I have been sent these samples from REN, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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