Sunday, 13 July 2014

Dupe VS OM

I'm back!!!
So, many big Youtubers and bloggers tend to use beauty products which are a little more on the pricey side. I'm someone who likes to give cheap products a try as some seem better as they sound but not everyone is aware of that!, so today I'm doing a 'Dupe VS OM' video. A 'dupe' for something is basically a cheaper version of the Original Manufacturer (OM) and reaches its expectations, saving money is good!, don't waste it on products when you can get cheaper, perhaps better quality ones!

The Expensive Product (OM) is on the left on every picture. 
The Aussie Hair Mask (Frizzy Remedy) is honestly so good, smells amazing and leaves my hair nourished, clean and calmer. It retails for £1.09 at Superdrug for 20ml. However, I was looking around home bargains and saw this 'Macadamia Oil Extra Hair Treatment' and decided to purchase it for only 99p and for 250ml which is at last 11 times the amount than the Aussie Hair mask. It smells just as nice but it surprisingly leaves my hair a lot more nourished and smooth!

MUA probably is one of my favourite Make-Up brands, their products are such good quality and all products range from £1 - £8. I picked up this MUA Mosaic Blush in 'English Rose Shade 3' and it's so beautiful but so natural. Also I have the NYC Mosaic Blush shade 'Rose Glow' they're both really sheer so are both perfect for summer. To be fair. they are both as good as each other but to save money MUA is the best in my opinion as it costs £2.50 where as the NYC one costs £3.99.

 I'm sorry for the poor quality of this one, I should of focused but I forgot ♥
Anyway, This No.7 'Extreme Length Extend' Mascara which retails for £12.95 (Lucky me: I got a free sample) and the Technic 'Get Lashed' cost £1.50 which is over £10, YES £10, cheaper!! Both brushes have many bristles so your lashes separate well, and are both volumising and lengthening. You can purchase TECHNIC products from Body Care, which I'm aware of that isn't a national shop so I'm sorry.

Real Techniques... Oh my! .... Body care brushes.... Oh MY!
This is another Body care item but another line which is 'Body Collection' this brush retails for £2.20 and honestly, feels so smooth! No bristles come out,  and they aren't harsh to my skin, this is actually classed as a Foundation Brush by I use it as a concealer brush.
The Real Technique 'Pointed Foundation Brush' costs £7.99 at many retailers, which is pricey but again, is so smooth and gentle to my skin! I probably prefer the Real Techniques brush 1% more as it's pointed so you can get into sensitive areas but I still definitely recommend the Body Care brush! 

Finally, as well as making your skin look gorgeous. you need to make it feel gorgeous, and cleaners/toners are perfect at that job. I recently picked up the Simple 'Toning Cleanser' for £2.99 and is... okay. However, from Home Bargains I picked up this Beauty Formulas 'Cool Moist Cucumber 2 in 1 Cleaner and Toner' for 50p and it's so good! I prefer it a lot more as it's a creamy consistency, unlike the Simple one which is a liquid, so you don't need a cotton pad to apply it, and it really quickly removes access make up as well as making my skin feel more fresher and looking brighter. If I had to pick 1 and they both had no price tag, The Beauty Formula's one would certainly be my option!

I guess this post has proved that cheaper products can beat the high end quality you think are better! I've enjoyed doing this 'Dupe VS OM' post, please +1 this on google+ if you enjoyed it!? Might do another Post (2) but depends on the amount of Dupes I have!
Thank you again for stopping by,
    Lucy xx
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