Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lucy's Summer Bucket List

There's many things I want to achieve/do this year and creating a Bucket List at the start of the Summer Holidays is the perfect time!
Following on, there is a list of things I'm wanting to do, I will put a line through each idea as they've happened, at the end of summer/year I will do a final blog post of what I have still left to do!

My Bucket List:

1. Meet Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms
2. Try to gain 50 followers on this blog
3. Enter a Photography Contest
4. Dip-Dye my hair dark brown
5. Camp out in my garden
6. Go/hold a Pool Party
7. Meet a Youtuber (Zoe, Naomi, Marcus, Joe, Jim, Tanya, Louise. etc)
8. Jump/Swim in a Lake
9. Get a Pen Pal
10. Write a letter to my inspiration
11. Guest Post on someone's blog
12. Buy a Naked Palette (Eyeshadow) - Off the List
13. Sleep in a hammock
14. Spend a whole day searching for money on the floor!
15. Sell something on Etsy
16. Eat more healthy
17. Go strawberry picking
18. Choreograph my own dance and upload to Youtube - Off the List
19. Have a posh night out with my friends ♥
20. Join/Trial a Trampolining Club
21. Have a Movie Night

Post you're own Summer Bucket List and see what you've done!

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